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Exam And Credit System

The faculty will make extensive use of online lectures, seminars, field trips, group projects and independent research. In the Functional areas of management, considerable use will be made of the case method. The case method is an effective mean of developing the power of analysis and judgement essential to the manager. Wherever appropriate, case material that reflects the problems, habits, customs and tradition of doing business peculiar to Myanmar will be used.


The special feature of the Online MBA course is that participants can fix their own time for the examination which will be arranged by the Department of Management Studies after receiving their request.

The grades from each course, a few of which can also be non-examination accumulate towards the total credit requirment for MBA which is set at 96 credits.

The grading system is as following:
CBarely Pass2

Participants are required to obtain an overall minimum of B in the programme and a minimum of C average in each quarter. Participants who have scored one F grade and two D grades at any stage in the programme may be asked to withdraw from the programme.

Incompletion of the core courses, participants may elect to withdraw temporarily from the programme. However, course requirement must be completed within three years.