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The MBA programme at Yangon Institute of Economics

       The MBA Programme at Yangon Institute of Economics the first MBA Programme in Myanmar launched in June 1995 is an important element of the infrastructure that is being developed to make the country’s commitment to a market economy a successful reality. The Yangon MBA Programme ensures a steady stream of men and women trained to meet challenges managing modern businesses in an increasingly competitive environment. Creating a pool of managerial skills by training Myanmar managers in modern management practices, the Yangon MBA Programme ensures a leading role for Myanmar managers in the economic transformation and modernization of the country.

      The main objectives of the MBA Programme are:

* To select graduates from various fields and train them in modern management and problem solving skills and techniques that can be applied to business management.

* To expose the candidates to all the functional areas of management and their interrelatedness through lectures, case discussions and field work.

* To broaden the participants’ managerial perspectives in changing international economic environment especially of developing nations.

* To provide participants the opportunity to interact with each other and work in groups.       With the effort of Department of Management Studies and cooperating faculties, the three types of MBA Programme
Full-time MBA Programme

,Executive MBA Programme

,Online MBA Programme has been offered.

      Full-time MBA Programme was launched in 1995 and soon it would be having the 185h intakes of MBAs. In 2002, the department introduced again Executive MBA Programme which will carry 11th bathes of participants in this year 2012. After an experience of 12 years with MBA and that of 4 years with EMBA, the Online MBA Programme was introduced in 2007 and has been in progress. Up to now, 125 online MBA participants have enrolled and visit the website daily for submitting assignments for their e-learning and discussion with professors and co-learners. Until 2012, the Yangon MBA Programme successfully turned out 1,250 MBA graduates who have been very high appreciated placed in mid-and high-managerial positions both in private and public sectors. The collective participation of all MBA candidates together with the enthusiastic contribution from faculty members and other experienced knowledge providers, Yangon MBA Programme significantly expands its capacity building so as to adapt it to the rapidly changing environment. Yangon MBA Programme ensures the MBA candidates with not only the skills in managing business sharpen but also have an excellent opportunities of good networking locally, regionally, and then internationally.